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Accounts Preparation

Much of our time is concerned in preparing accounts, for a range of purposes.

Most work done is on annual accounts, usually required for tax purposes.

Whatever your situation, we will work with you to ensure relevant accounts are prepared efficiently and effectively.

Incorporated into our accounts preparation services is the calculation of the corresponding tax liability (be it income tax or corporation tax) as an automatic part of the process. We will advise you how much to pay and when to pay it.


Even though bookkeeping and VAT are two separate aspects, when using our bookkeeping services, the VAT is calculated as a direct result. Filing of VAT returns is thus made simpler, and we can take care of this for you.

However, we can also prepare your VAT return from your own records if you require.


If you have been appointed as a Deputy for an individual who is unable to manage their affairs by reason of impaired mental capacity then you are required to complete an annual report.

We can work with you and assist in filing the annual account and report with the Court of Protection in the prescribed form. We will help you go through the finances of the individual and complete the documentation for the Court. Alongside this, we can review and advise upon any areas that come to light regarding the individual’s affairs that may be beneficial in the future. These could include issues concerning welfare benefits, income tax, the level of a security bond or the general policy regarding the investment of the funds (however we are not financial advisers and would not undertake a review of investments). We will prepare the completion of accounts, including all associated paperwork.

As we have the benefit of regularly completing accounts, we are able to advise and assist on all aspects including keeping to the imposed deadlines.


If you employ staff, we perform the PAYE operation on your behalf efficiently and cost effectively. This frees up your time to concentrate on what you do best.

You can select from weekly, two-weekly, four-weekly or monthly pay schemes, to suit your requirements. We can also work with you to improve your payment system and cost.


Whether you are a family business, partnership or private individual, we work with a wide scope of organisations and cover the full range of tax services:

  • Personal taxes (including national insurance issues)
  • Corporate taxes
  • Capital taxes
  • Indirect taxes (including value added tax planning and compliance)
  • Inheritance taxes
  • Tax investigations

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